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How do I share my Storyteller recorded book?

When you have completed the process of recording your Storyteller book, click the "Share my story now!" button. 

From there, you will have the option to share with multiple email addresses at that time. 

If you'd like to share a previously recorded Storyteller book, you can do that as well! Once you're logged into your Vooks account, you can use the search icon to search for the title of the book you have previously recorded and click on the title. 

Additionally, from the homepage, you will see the "My Storyteller" list on your homepage.  

If you're on a web browser, you will then be able to click on the "Narrator" tab. 

From there you should see your Storyteller version of the book with the option to share.
When sharing your Storyteller books, you will have the option to add custom message to the recipient with video, audio or text messages.

Sharing previously recorded Storyteller books is only available through a web browser and cannot be accessed through the Vooks app on your mobile device at this time. 

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